Declutter your mind

Welcome to Lisa Berry Inspire, Hello I’m Lisa and helping people to transform their life either personally or professionally or both is a privilege.

The reality is we live in a fast paced environment where change is inevitable and life can be stressful. Everything is transient, the issue is as human beings we don’t necessarily like this idea and try and cling onto the way things are or have always been. The more we resist the natural progression and flow of life the more stress we place upon ourselves. Another reality is life isn’t going to slow down. People are expected to perform at higher levels in their work, to have more wealth in life or to be a better husband, partner, dad, mum, etc. This is further escalated with so much of our life played out through social media and reality programmes, where we are conditioned to want more or to be better than somebody else or to ridicule and judge others.

All of this equates to one thing…STRESS!  Our minds become completely overrun with thoughts, our negative self-talk consumes us and we just don’t have free space in our minds to be able to make effective informed decisions or the choices necessary to steer us on the right pathway in life. I know because I’ve been there! And made radical changes in every area of my life after some serious wake up calls! The result; I live an enriched authentic life where peace and happiness are my natural internal state. I’m still full of drive, determination and focus, but I know and appreciate what’s truly important!

I’ve chosen to concentrate on Mindfulness, Personal Development and Future Life Progression as I recognise the transformative power of all of these areas. I’ve lived the Mindful philosophy for a number of years so know it works! The Programmes I develop and deliver are all based on my learnings and the models I use are as a result of my own personal developmental journey. As for Future Life, I’ve worked with an extensive range of tools and techniques over the years and have yet to find any other tool that has this capability! It’s strength lies in helping people who are at a crossroads in life, whether that be because they have a job offer and not sure if it’s the right move, are looking to relocate, change career direction, looking to find love or are considering a partnership commitment. Future Life provides invaluable insight and knowledge that isn’t available by any other means and this insight can then be used to help with decision making.  I’m testimony to the success of this as I’m living what I saw and experienced a few years ago and my life back then was totally different to what it is now!

Whether you are an individual wanting my help or a business wanting to change I’m here… not only with the tools but with the desire, passion and belief to successfully guide you on that change journey.