About me


This is the part where I could write lots and lots about myself and what I’ve achieved, sell how wonderful I am, and why work with me and after pondering on this for some time I’ve decided against this approach and here’s why…


Copywriters can make any a person sound amazing on paper and I don’t want to do that!

What you really need to know about me …

I’m driven and passionate about what I do “My specialty is inspiring you to see the world through different glasses, to unlock your potential and to truly live without fear or drama. To gain greater clarity of mind without getting lost in your thoughts and experience more peace and general fulfilment, with enhanced relationships on all levels”

All of my passion and drive is packaged around a compassionate core that’s fueled by belief … so you have reassurance that I will always have your  personal or businesses best interests at heart, not my own.

If you still need some evidence…do I have credentials? yes, I’m a qualified Mindfulness Coach, Executive Coach/ Mentor and Personal Development Training Professional with a proven successful career spanning over a number of years in a wide range of environments. I’m also no stranger when it comes to experiencing personal trauma and making huge life changes. I’ve tried, tested and live by the methodologies, philosophies and techniques I teach and many of the models I use are self-developed based on my own experience!

In a world of vast technology, it’s still the human interaction that tells you if this person is right for you to work with and in the time it has taken you to read some “About Me’s” you could have picked up the phone, found out about me, and more importantly, how I can help you.

You can contact me on 07834161229 or by using the contact form