Future Life Progression in Business

What is Future Life Progression?

It’s an innovative powerful and cost effective way for businesses to test drive future alternatives and plans without the cost of implementing them.

There are lots of options with Future Life and it’s totally adaptable to enable you to find out what is beneficial for your business to know. So whether it’s to explore your existing pathway and establish what that looks like in the future or, if you had some alternative options and wanted to introduce some new products or technology how successful would that be? Or if you hired a new business partner would this be a successful partnership.

The possibilities are endless!

How I work with a business

There are a number of possibilities to how I can work with businesses. I establish your needs and then tailor my service accordingly. I’m also a Leadership/Executive Coach, qualified to ILM level 7 and I’m a CTP qualified trainer, specialising in Self Awareness/ Emotional Intelligence training for Leaders and Senior Management. I’m able to produce and deliver tailor made solutions to match your needs.

Some ideas to how I can help

Firstly I would suggest meeting me to find out more…Future Life is my passion and it works…I’m proof of that as I’m living what I’ve seen!

Experience has also taught me that working with Leaders on developing the right mindset is the most powerful route to the business success…Seeing the future is important, how to utilise the knowledge gained and drive the business forward in a collaborative way with The Senior Management Team is fundamental. That’s why my main focus is with Leaders and Senior Management as that’s where the biggest benefits are gained.

Examples of areas where I can add the most benefit:

  • Facilitate Future Life sessions with Leaders
  • Facilitate Future Life sessions with Senior Management Team
  • Facilitate workshops with Leaders/ Senior Management Team based on Future Life findings and align thinking to move the company forward
  • Personal Coaching sessions for Leaders/Senior Management
  • Develop and facilitate periodic workshops to maintain progress as required
  • Develop/facilitate bespoke Self Awareness and Emotional Intelligence interventions.