Inspirational Speaking


LisaBerry InspiresThere’s a train of thought that states there are indicators very early on in our formative years that hint at what our true potential is in life. We are certainly born with innocence, with no preconceived ideas, no barriers, no limiting beliefs and no conditioning…sadly it doesn’t take long for layers of negativity and conditioning to wrap around us and before we know it we have surrounded ourselves with so many layers they can become suffocating, we lose touch with our core and the essence of who we are and what our pure potential is.

Some people wander through life increasing these layers and never shedding any, mainly through fear. Others choose to shed some layers after a few light bulb eureka moments and realise their behavior no longer serves them well or some…myself included, have a number of serious wake up calls where their pressure cooker lid explodes and they are left with a grave choice, to change or suffer serious consequences…

I chose change, and made significant changes in every aspect of my life, taking myself from a comfortable lifestyle to walking a tight rope with no safety net!

During my Inspirational Speaking sessions you will understand through my own personal experience about the effects of conditioning, the stories we tell ourselves every day based on our conditioning and our personal blueprint of life, how fear debilitates us, how the pressure cooker effect works and what really stops us changing, complete with some practical guidance to help you on your journey whatever stage you are at….

Dates for these sessions are still to be confirmed.

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