Mindfulness Business

More and more companies are now introducing employee well-being programmes. Google in particular have taken employee well-being very seriously and have worked with a Zen Master to introduce Mindfulness into their company.

Mindfulness is a well-being programme proven to be a hugely beneficial practice with numerous studies available that prove how attending a Mindfulness Programme can reduce stress levels amongst staff, which in turn reduces absenteeism, increases the ability to make decisions, increases productivity and the overall well-being of staff.

The reality is rarely are people able to “switch off” and employees enter the workplace with a mind full of thoughts and interferences that are not necessarily work related or productive. If we consider that each thought is like an energy entity it soon becomes obvious that the more unproductive thoughts and interferences an employee has the less energy they have available to dedicate to their work!

Mindfulness is the practise of being consciously aware of what is happening in our mind, body and emotions at any time and teaches how to channel energy into the present moment rather than reliving the past or worrying and trying to control future events that may not even happen.

I don’t claim to be a Zen Master! but I amtotally passionate about Mindfulness philosophy and I’m testimony to how this way of being can transform your life. I live this way of life and have experienced remarkable results. So I don’t just talk the talk, I live it!

As a result of this I’ve developed a 6 week programme for employees called Be Mindful Be Productive. It combines Mindfulness with my own models that I’ve developed based on my personal experience of practising this way of living. I’ll provide the tools and techniques required to manage thoughts and interferences, thus lessening stress and anxiety. This in turn hugely benefits people physically, emotionally, increases productivity and enhances all types of relationships, professional and personal and promotes well-being and general fulfilment.

The programme is designed in 2 hour sessions causing minimal disruption to the business and can be run on work premises during lunchtimes or after work.

Click here to view the outline of the programme. For more details call me on 07834161229 or submit your enquiry using the contact form