Mindfulness the full story

Mindfulness and being aware of and managing our thoughts and emotions isn’t a religion it’s a way of life!  Practicing it has many benefits to your mental and physical health.

The reality is we live in a fast paced environment where change is inevitable and life can be stressful. Everything is transient, the issue is as human beings we don’t necessarily like this idea and try and cling onto the way things are or have always been. The more we resist the natural progression and flow of life the more stress we place upon ourselves. Another reality is life isn’t going to slow down. People are expected to perform at higher levels in their work, to have more wealth in life or to be a better husband, partner, dad, mum, etc. This is further escalated with so much of our life played out through social media and reality programmes where we are conditioned to want more or to be better than somebody else or to ridicule and judge others.

All of this equates to one thing…stress, the degree of stress is based on a number of factors but the biggest stress is caused by our inability to control our thinking. Welet our mind rule us with constant talking or analysis of ourselves, others and situations.  We can have in excess of 70,000 thoughts a day and most are unproductive. These thoughts are quite often telling us to“fit in” or to “conform” or to “have better” or “more than” somebody else or to be “more successful” or to look ahead to future events or a new material purchase,or our mind might constantly revisit the past replaying painful experiences and provide us with negative self-talk. All of these thoughts take away vital energy and lead to stress and anxiety. All of this stress of over thinking and having a constant overactive mind can be toxic and we can find ourselves faced with toxicity on a number of levels, namely; toxic environments, toxic relationships, toxic careers and yet we are so engulfed by our mind and overpowered by our thoughts that we don’t realise this until we start to manifest physical or mental ailments. This is our body’s way of letting us know that something is wrong!

Mindfulness practices living fully in the present moment whilst being consciously aware of what is happening in our mind,with our emotions or body at any given time and provides the tools and techniques required to manage these,thus lessening stress and anxiety. This in turn hugely benefits people physically, emotionally, increases productivity and enhances all types of relationships, professional and personal and promotes well-being and general fulfillment. An increasing number of Medical Practitioners are advocates of this intervention to support people suffering from stress and more and more businesses are now introducing this into the workplace to aid with staff well-being and as a result benefitting business productivity.