Mindfulness Personal

More and more people are now starting to question their life and are wanting to make changes after coming to the conclusion that they are unhappy, unfulfilled, experiencing stress and anxiety or all of these!

One of the biggest stress factors in life is caused by our inability to control our thinking. We let our mind rule us with constant chatter or analysis of ourselves, others and situations.  We can have in excess of 70,000 thoughts a day and most are unproductive. These thoughts are quite often telling us to “fit in” or to “conform” or to “have better” or “more than” somebody else or to be “more successful”  or to look ahead to future events or a new material purchase, or our mind might constantly revisit the past replaying painful experiences and provide us with negative self-talk. All of these thoughts take away vital energy and lead to stress and anxiety. All of this stress of over thinking and having a constant overactive mind can be toxic and we can find ourselves faced with toxicity on a number of levels, namely; toxic environments, toxic relationships, toxic careers and yet we are so engulfed by our mind and overpowered by our thoughts that we don’t realise this until we start to manifest physical or mental ailments. This is our body’s way of letting us know that something is wrong!

Mindfulness has the ability to transform your life by helping you to see things differently. Its main philosophy is to live life fully in the current moment consciously aware of your thoughts and the associated feelings and emotions generated from your thoughts but without any judgment. Practising this provides much needed space and frees your mind from incessant thoughts to enjoy a more relaxed productive mind free from drama, brain chatter and negativity.

By following these principles and adopting the tools and techniques provided you can enhance your life in every way and experience beneficial changes in your relationships (professional and personal) health, well-being and outlook on life.

I am testimony to how transformational these changes are as I live this way of life and have experienced remarkable results.

As a result of this I’ve developed a 6 week programme that combines Mindfulness with my own life models that I’ve developed based on my personal experience of practising this way of living.

I run 3 public programmes a year; Each programme is 6 weeks duration with a 2 hour session every week. This gives you time to digest the information without overloading you. I’m also available to support you in-between the sessions and after the 6 weeks you will join a community of other people who have completed the programme to support each other and really embed the changes.

Click here to view the outline of the programme. For programme locations and to book your place contact me on 07834161229 or by returning the contact form